You use social media to publish your original content and to help increase your visibility and exposure. Social media can help you get in front of billions of people and drive them to your website based upon their interests and searches. Being on social helps you to capture additional authority which helps in your conversion process later on the website

Sales people, if you are not leveraging social media to monetize your content to gain customers and understand what’s most important to them, you’re missing out big-time. Not only can you monitor what your buyers are saying about your brand but also about other brands and challenges that can help you better connect with them. You can also use social to find your competitors demographics and marketing to those same people!

When developing a social media plan make sure you are putting together a plan that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

When generating and evaluating the social media ROI look for content consumption, social sharing, lead generation and revenue metrics