Gone are the days where providing random trinkets to customers is considered a strategic promotional marketing tactic. In today’s world, your customers are bombarded with useless products that make their way into the junk drawer or the kid’s toy chest. In order to truly stand out to your customers, it’s time to rethink promotional products and how you’ve been using them.

If you’re looking to be truly effective with your promotional product giveaway, you need to understand that your clients are looking for something useful. A group of bankers are not likely to find much use in a Frisbee, but may appreciate a professional laptop bag. Similarly, a sales force  always on the go would rather pass on a keychain in exchange for travel-friendly drinkware. Of course, these giveaways have their place, but in order to be truly strategic with your promotional products, it’s important to provide something the recipient truly wants or needs.

Take a look at this testimonial below where understanding the need for a useful product was key:

“A customPowerBanker was excited to work with Enrollment Specialists to help people “RECHARGE” in the New Year. They wanted to connect with clients, old and new, and let them know they were appreciated and that whatever the scenario, Enrollment Specialists was their backup.

We helped in putting together a pack that included a Thank You card and a vibrant full-color imprinted power bank. The client response has been tremendous and the recipients now travel with their power banks to keep their most important electronics fully charged while on the go.”

Source: © 2017 Prime Line® ASI/79530