How to effectively decide on what content topics and articles to write to best engage with your customers. The 2 things you need to know are:

  • Who is your buyer persona?
  • Where are they in their buyer journey?

Your content is to help your conversion of leads to prospects in all 3 stages of the buying process awareness, consideration, and decision.

Do not worry about the design and the prettiness of the contact until you first think about how powerful the content is; is it relevant to your customer? It helps the customer to acquire information necessary for them to move forward in purchasing your product.

When building content for the consideration process keep in mind they are thinking about their problem and trying to identify potential solutions. You want your content to be focused on solutions that support that customer’s pain point.

Content focused on your product or service should not be mentioned in the awareness or consideration stage but instead, in the decision stage where you can speak to how your specific solution is best-designed for that customer.