presentLet’s be super real here for a second, purchasing holiday gifts isn’t just about the money, it’s about the time it takes to find something you would be proud of giving. It’s about standing out from the rest of the companies who are also sending gifts to your customer. How much money should you spend? Should you include your company brand on the gift? What’s considered appropriate versus questionable? Will my gift stand out from everyone else’s? How do I pick a gift that reflects the quality of my brand? Etc…

It’s easy to get lost in a million websites suggesting popcorn tins, holiday cards, flowers, gift cards, etc… Meanwhile, you have 14 current projects, 100 emails since lunch, and 3 voicemails that all require your attention. So, with little time, do you go with the trusted holiday card fake signed by everyone, and get lost in the shuffle of cards, or should you be different? What message do you go with? What results should you expect? I’m going to cover all that in this post, and share with you resources we’ve created to make this season the easiest ever!

The first question and most important to consider is if Holiday gifts are worth it? Let me attempt to answer your question with another, Do your customers know and feel how much you appreciate them? The below stats suggest active customer appreciation could be the most important effort you invest in!
Some scary facts about customer appreciation

76% of customers will leave because they don’t feel appreciated.
70% of the buying experience is based on the way the customer feels they are being treated.
66% of customers went to a competitor due to bad service.
73% of customers cite incompetent and rude customer support.
89% of customers who experience poor service will leave a brand.

To be clear, customer appreciation isn’t limited to the holiday season! But this is the time that everyone is thinking about giving and being grateful, while your customers are receiving warm letters and wishes from their vendors, what will it look like if you’re not present? Or worse, if you half-ass the gesture with a fake card you ordered online last week? Your attention to thanking customers is critical.

I hope we’ve convinced you how important it is to thank customers as it relates to retaining and growing your customers. Now for how to do it, that’s easy. Don’t think about the product until you think about what you want the customer to know? The message is far more important than the item. Think about why you’re grateful, what you’d like to help them accomplish in the new year, and how important they are to you. If you want some help turning your thoughts into an inspiring holiday message reach out to me at

Once you determine your message, think about what product would best align your message, the customer’s style, their environment when thinking about your product or service, and something that can help them achieve their day to day objectives. Whenever possible, personalizing the item with their name dramatically increases their appreciation!

I have more good news! Effectively thanking your customers doesn’t require an entire week of time, or $1,000’s. Check out our Pinterest Board here to see and order free samples of the highest performing customer thank you gifts!

Make this year’s customer gifts so awesome, it makes last year’s gift jealous!