eCommerce Site Request


    Are they Tax Exempt?

    Did you account for all item cost before giving the customer pricing?

    • Cost of Item?

    • Cost of Decoration?

    • Handling Fee?

    • Is Freight setup correctly?

    • Is there a rebate going back to the customer?

    Will the products be provided in the proper format with the proper data?

    • Spreadsheet is accurately filled out

    • Item ID

    • Item Description

    • Vendor

    • Colors

    • Sizes

    • Logos

    • Cost

    • Sell

    • Weight

    Download Product Template Spreadsheet

    Submit your Product spreadsheet (Needs to be submitted before site can be completed; email images seperately)

    Will these items have more than 1 (multiple) logos on them? (required)

    Do they have Pantone colors we need to match? (required)

    Have the items been mocked up for the site? [I.e. Do we have the virtual images for the site] (required)

    What payment methods will be used?

    What will the shipping methods be used?

    Have we scheduled time with Lidia to theme the site? (required)