How many times have you heard big data? Is big data key to growing your business? Customers expect a perfect and personalized experience every interaction? It’s common sense, but how do you apply big data to help you grow your business? Think about Chett Holme’s buying pyramid in his book The Ultimate Selling Machine:

How much of your time are you spending marketing and sales dollars and time targeting the 90% of buyers who aren’t actively looking for your product or interested at all? Without a proper inbound strategy, it’s impossible to know who the ideal buyer persona is, how the buyer journey works, and where your visitors, leads, marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, opportunities and customers are within the buyer journey. Even with a strong buyer journey and inbound strategy, we spend marketing dollars to be in front of whom Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and various other options deem qualified.

In order to describe how powerful big data technology is, it’s important to think about the tools we have access to and leverage today. Our targeting tool kit includes search paid advertising, social site buys, cookie based targeting, broadcast, and mail/email lists.

Let’s break this down: any spend on search engines or social are driven based on cookies or device based activity. You don’t get a copy of the contacts, their credentials, how “buyer ready” they are, or if there even human. Debates are discussed frequently how much of the traffic is actually human versus bot traffic.  (more information in this link)

As a result, we trust these search engines to target buyers that match as close as possible to our ideal clients and ask that their behavior is graded so that we can focus on specific quality buyers. This process also mandates that we target 100% of the matching candidates rather than focusing on the 3%-5% that are actually in the market. Today we accept a .001% conversion as an industry average because we’re still targeting 100 people to convert the 3-5 that are true buyers.

Another lead generation option is purchasing compiled or response mailing/email lists. This data gives us the specific contact information but lacks the real time data defining their interest level in your product or solution. This process is more intrusive, more costly, and less effective. Do you know your cost per lead and cost per sale?

Today I’ve been introduced to a technology called Adley. Adley can tell us exactly who’s in the market for your product by the sites they’ve visited, their online conversations on social media, the keywords they search on engines, and what content they absorb.

With this new data, we can create custom audiences via Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  Beyond the custom audience capability, we’ll have the contact data like phone, email, and address to follow up beyond digital.

I would love to schedule a meeting to discuss further with you and one of the licencees of the software so that you can ask all the questions you want. Are you available in the next couple days to discuss further?

Looking forward to your thoughts!