In previous articles, we talk about the power of research, the power of information, and how you can leverage technology to empower you as a salesperson rather than being another order taker. I’m gonna share a few guidelines for how to leverage that research and turn those efforts into a great conversation with a prospect.


  1. Build a report and focus on the buyer’s needs. Focus on what’s most important to them and share with them what information you are able to research.
  2. Know your audience and make sure you understand what is their environment. What is their company size? What are their challenges today? What are they hoping to achieve? Who is their ideal customer? and how can you support them?
  3. Speak to the client’s language not your own, put them at ease. It’s very easy to fall into a trap of using jargon or approaching that prospect like you do three other prospects in multiple different industries. Not doing this you will become irrelevant or hard to follow creating resistance and friction between you and the prospect during the call. Put your hat on as if you work for that company in that industry sync and speak the way they do in that company. If you can do this you will immediately be relevant and resonate well with that company.
  4. Be helpful! What is your goal in calling this lead? Fully identify what that goal is and ensure that it aligns with being helpful for that lead or prospect. When the call completes, will the prospect be left feeling as if you have helped them and they received tons of value just by having that call with you? If so great job!