I’ve covered in previous articles the importance of a buyer centric approach versus a sales centric approach. Traditional marketing involves a marketer sending out their message and hoping customers will respond. The nature of this approach is interruptive and in most cases has very little to no data associated with the list the prospect the offer and context. It’s imperative in vital in the buyer 2.0 era that we focus on the shift in our approach from a seller centric to a buyer centric approach and that’s no different when thinking about email.

How can you leverage email to provide a deeply personalized experience that one to one? How can you provide information and responses uniquely to their needs? Email a still as powerful today as it ever has been but it’s utilized differently than how you might be using it as a lead generation tool. Instead of purchasing a list of people who you think might have an interest and can spamming them think about how can your email provide them value instead of asking for it. When building an email marketing campaign make sure your email is segmented to a list that you already know has a need is personalized to ensure the emails designed for that person and their contacts are built and optimized for collecting data and identifying what strategies are most effective and lastly and sharing that it’s got a responsive design and can easily be reading consumed via mobile phone. A study showed today that email is the most requested vehicle by all-ages for receiving promotions and information from companies that consumers follow. It’s also stated in research the number 1 activity on a cell phone to day is reviewing email. It’s vital that your email provides content that meets your buyer in their context provides them value with a relevant information and offer a segmented to them and is personalized to them in a way that shows them you are thinking about them rather than a product you are trying to sell.


Do you have a marketing and sales automation software? If so are you leveraging segmentation behavioral metrics behavioral response workflows landing pages and data? Think about your emails as an environment that puts your buyer in the driver seat! What results are you seeing from your email marketing efforts? We commonly see poor email results when clients aren’t using email in the way it’s been designed. In the inbound approach, email is intended as a tool to communicate with prospects and customers seeking information and communication. Otherwise, your email may be seen as irrelevant, interruptive and easy to delete. If you’re focusing your emails to those who’ve requested and engaged with your company and you are finding a high unsubscribe, high bounce rate, low open rate, low click through rate, and conversion rates; then chances are there are opportunities to improve your buyer persona, buyer pain points, common keywords used for acquiring information, content including headers, subjects, CTAs, workflows, and landing pages.

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