If you’ve designed a call to action in a blog and the buyer has appreciated the blog’s content and wants to read further and consume additional content from you the next step is to send them to a landing page. To have a successful landing page it is important to immediately confirm the type of offer they will receive if moving forward and to have them opt-in (provide contact information). Your landing page wants to be descriptive but there are many practices, techniques, and strategies that go into building the perfect landing page. As the gatekeeper, the landing page protects your offer and exchanges it for their email. You should always clearly define what the offer is right away in the first couple sentences of your landing page and headline.

Your landing pages are designed to collect customer information such as name, email, address, phone number, and company. The landing page is the strongest asset for helping you to develop a prospect out of belief. Make sure you’re using this technology to the fullest.

Make sure your laser focused on your landing page to only one offer one piece of content, one topic. No additional topics, no additional offers, no additional decisions to make outside of moving forward with that contact.

Do not allow for buyers to download the content you’re offering prior to giving you information. You should plan to make multiple articles or multiple content pieces to be available then you can offer value before you request their email. It’s vital in your content value proposition that you offer the best content in exchange for contact information.

When building the contact form make sure it matches the offer and is consistently showing the buyer that when they give their information in return they will get that exact piece of content they’re looking for.