With an emerging number of successful entrepreneurs and small business start-ups, it has become fairly evident through the power of the internet that there is one major thing successful or even happy people have in common. Aside from the drive to start a business and the intellectual knowledge of their chosen field, the implementation of a daily routine has become a powerful tool in these successful people’s arsenal to achieve their goals and remain on track to success.

Why are daily routines so effective?

So what makes a daily routine so effective in making you more successful and happy? Simple, automation is a key element in productivity. The more a person can accomplish without needing to stop and think, the more productive they will be. Setting routines provides structure and organization which results in a less scattered mental state. It provides a sense of ownership and pride of your life while affording the opportunity to live a bit more spontaneous outside your daily routine.

Start your day with a success.

Beginning your day with simple tasks that become habits is a way of feeding your brain little successes every morning, meaning you automatically begin your day with an accomplishment you can feel good about. Building good habits tends to lead to not only a healthier and less stressful life, but also negates the need for will power and motivation. This principle can be expanded little by little into everything you do, or it can remain as a short list of tasks you accomplish every morning to get your day started on a positive foot.

Now that I’ve talked about why it’s important to create a daily routine and set yourself up for success first thing in the morning, next week I will talk about my personal routine and what I have found helpful in my life that can transition to yours.