I want to take a moment to explain our approach on the squeeze page or the opt-in page. I study web pages and what makes these web pages convert into sales. I read blogs, books and watch videos to learn from others mistakes and find their successes as well as learn from my own experiences.

In my findings, I have seen the more we add copy and design on the landing page the lower the opt-in rate will be on this portion of the funnels flow. It is said that a more simplistic, “ugly” design can increase conversion 11% and when the copy is minimized can increase conversion 26%; people want a quick path to signing up as well as they do not want to invest a lot of their time before they are interested. As a consumer, I think the thought process behind this is the uglier the page; the less likely I am going to try to be sold to.

Other optimizations could include a survey which the purpose of the survey is to create a micro-commitment while getting some information about them. This is shown to increase conversions 95%. We recommend putting the testimonials on this page because it is shown to have an increase of 44% vs. not having any. Then adding these testimonials closer to the top of the page can increase this rate up to 80%.