‘Smarketing’ is the process of aligning the marketing and sales teams around common laws with a business organization with the goal of improving its a key component of success.

Marketing and sales consist of 6 stages. Beginning with the prospect, converting to a lead, converting to a marketing, qualify lead but once converted into a qualified sale’s lead. The sales team takes over and they identify those leads that are an opportunity and those opportunities that converted into customers.

A marketing qualified lead is a lead that’s passed both marketing and sales requirements for becoming a lead. Those requirements are important that sales and marketing agrees to a service level agreement where they both have vital components within the marketing and sells process and commit to meeting those specific tasks.

Some steps you can take to ensure that you are seeing great communication between marketing and sales are to have weekly smarketing meetings with the whole marketing team themselves and have monthly answer meetings to discuss topics, resolve issues and to communicate information about marketing campaigns.