Generating new customers, building loyal advocates and delivering on your brand promise in every customer interaction are paramount to your business’ success. That can only happen when you have a clear sales and marketing plan tied to your business goals.

Surround yourself with a team of strategic thinkers to help you build your unique roadmap—and deliver the full power of your brand through:

  • Research and Analysis – markets, competitors, brand perception, customer insights, distribution
  • Data mining
  • Segmentation strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Campaign development and execution
  • Analytics and insights

Everything you do should be rooted in strategy. So how do you get started?

  1. Know your company’s short-term and longer-term business goals.
  2. Learn all you can about your target audience and what makes them tick—their buying habits and brand loyalties and what they find compelling. You can do this by mining the data you already have, surveying existing customers, researching prospective customers and more.
  3. Know your competitors and keep a pulse on what there brand message is, what they are doing and how, what’s succeeding and what’s not, what gaps exist.
  4. Use those insights to develop the right mix of sales and marketing tools to capture your customers’ attention. Segment the audience based on their interests, needs, commonalities and differences so you can create the most targeted and compelling marketing for each group.
  5. Map out your plan for targeting your audience with multiple touches across mediums. Today, it takes at least 14 touches to move someone from brand awareness to brand choice!
  6. Decide what your goals are for each campaign and determine how you plan to measure them. Are you trying to identify new leads, nurture existing ones, upsell current customers, create buzz for your brand, get media coverage? Clearly state those goals so everyone can work specifically toward achieving them.

With the strategic plan in place, you can begin crafting your messages and designing the tools to get the results you want.


Have you created your marketing strategy for 2015 yet?


Share with us some new ideas you are implementing to achieve your business goals.


  • Case Study
    Check out our work for Scott Insurance – a leading business insurance company in the Southeast – whose strategy we are helping define and translate into a refreshed brand that will take them into the future.