Inbound sales are all about targeting and prospecting the right customer with the right fit and interests. It is vital that you continue to leverage your buyer persona to identify prospects you want to target either based on a triggered event, lead generation, cold email, and voicemail reach out.

As a salesperson, you are dealing with a buyer who is more powerful than ever before. They have the tools to research information available online and can do all the research they want. But that does not mean you are not powerful. In fact, you have the ability to uncover information such as company size, the role in the company, how you can solve their problem, what they sell, what’s most important, who they follow, who they see as influencers, who else they’re talking to, company updates, who else is in their company that might be involved in the decision, what they’ve done the passive regards to decision to and so much more.

We conducted this research your prospect or lead will feel they are important to you if you put the time to understand their world, their environment, their pain points, and where their opportunities to provide them solutions. It’s all about them not you. You need to listen to understand and not to respond!

It is vital to leverage positioning statements when reaching out to customers. An example of a position statement is to start defining who you work with, how many customers you work with, and one or 2 challenge they had that you solved. Specifically, focus on what you do to help them solve those problems. This is what competition does not do.

When reaching out to a prospect focus on building a relationship with the lead making sure you know your audience. Speak the prospect’s language and be prepared with educational information or content to share with them. When a prospect completes their phone call with you they should walk away feeling as if they’ve learned something from you regardless of the outcome of the call.